The idea of founding a museum in Szerencs was first considered in the 1960s. The collecting of material about the local history began in 1965, in which the study group of local history led by Angyal Béla had a very important function. On the 17th July 1967 dr. Petrikovits László dentist and notable art collector donated 400 tousand postcards, and many ex libris, books, archeological, ethnographical objects, and fine art to the town in a deed of gift.

Our postcards

Our postcards can be viewed at the
Hungariana Cultural Heritage Portal.


kiallitasok fooldal


The  exhibitions of the museum are related to the local history of Szerencs and represent the famous collections:  the postcard and the exlibris collections. 

gyujtemenyek fooldal


The Zemplén Museum has several famous collections. The collection of postcards of nearly 1 million pieces and the ex libris collection of 35,000 pieces are also have international interest.

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Museum pedagogy

In the Zemplén Museum in Szerencs there is a variety of museum pedagogy classes for every age group.

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