Museum pedagogy

In the Zemplén Museum in Szerencs there is a variety of museum pedagogy classes for every age group. Please let us know beforehand when and in what topics you would like us to hold a class.


  • painting, colouring postcards

Elementary school, classes 1 to 4:
  • preparations for family and church holidays – making postcards for christmas and easter, learning christmas and easter songs, singing
  • preparations for national holidays – the 15th of March on postcards (we have a lot of material about this topic, we can demonstrate it via projection)
  • making postcards with different techniques – decorating cards with textiles, living flowers, making leporello and more dimensional cards
  • the „etiquette” of sending postcards – on which occasions we send postcards, how to date, adress, buy and send postcards, writing and stile, addressing the reader
Elementary school, classes 4 to 8:
  • geography – regions in Hungary, counties, big citys – quiz, projection (mines, caves, natural treasures, baths, main tourist attractions)
  • history (material about the revolution of 1848, coult of 1848, first world war, socialist realism)
  • literature
  • (famous people on postcards, writers, poets, actors, or for ex. Paris motive in the poems of Ady)
Secondary school:
  • development of transpont (railway, railway stations, cars, ships)
  • forming of the society in the 19th century – lifestyle of the bourgeois: trips, tourism, life in the baths, taste of the bourgeois
  • World War One on postcards
  • nationalities in Hungary
  • cultural history of the postcard
  • history of administration in Hungary

Adults and seniors:
  • family and church holidays on poastcards (projection)
  • actors, actresses, performances in theatre and movies on postcards
  • treasures of the Zemplén Museum (postcards with a special technique, genre art and other rare cards)
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