The zemplén Museum is located in the Rákóczi castle.

The exhibition rooms are on the first floor of the castle, they can be accessed through the inner courtyard and a baluster-stone stairway. Our physically challenged visitors can use the lift, they can ask the porter to help or they can call the number 47/777770.  

Szerencs can be reached on the road no. 37 leaving Miskolc to the north. The Rákóczi castle is in the centrum of the town, it can be reached by taking the road, that leaves the road no. 37 in the direction of the town. Buses can park on the market-place, except on Saturdays.   




+36 47 777 770



postal code 3900; Szerencs

Huszárvár street 11. 




Opening hours: 

Temporarily closed

Entrance fees:

Normal: 600 Ft

Reduced: 300 Ft

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