The pieces of the postcard collection of the Zemplén Museum are available on the homepage, under the menu Postcard (

The organizational and operational rules of the Zemplén Museum orders, that the material published on the internet only serves as information, if you would like to use the postcards for any causes, you need the permission of the institute, and you have to pay a fee.

We can send you a scanned copy of good quality, but if you would like to use it for printing, and therefore you need a copy in high resolution, you need the permission of the museum, and you have to pay an appropriation fee, which is currently 1000+VAT/postcard (front and back).

Unfortunately the institute can't handle the orders separetly, in which the customer doesn't want to use the postcard in a book or other publications, because once we send the digital postcard, it will be suitable for these purposes also, the institue can't track the further use of the cards.

Steps to order a digital postcard:

1. Choose the picture you would like to order from the internet catalogue (available on the homepages or, that contains the material of the Zemplén Museum. Next to the picture, in the database you find a seven-digit number in parentheses. The picture can be identified with this number.

2. Fill in the order form, and send it to the Zemplén Museum via e-mail to the address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the address Hungary, Zempléni Múzeum, postal code: 3900, Szerencs (town), Huszárvár street 11.

3. The museum makes out and sends the bill by the order.

4. After receiving the appropriation fee, the museum sends you the digital postcard(s) in the format of your choice via internet or on CD and the permission to use it.  

Order form

I order the following digital postcard(s) from the postcard collection of the Zemplén Museum. 

Description of the picture:

            ID number:

Name of the customer:




billing adress:

delivery adress:

The purpose you would like to use the postcard for:  




+36 47 777 770



postal code 3900; Szerencs

Huszárvár street 11. 




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Between 08.00 and 16.00

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